Acworth Presbyterian Church was founded in 1870 as a mission church of Mars Hill Presbyterian Church.
Acworth Presbyterian Church is a member of PCUSA and an active member of the Cherokee Presbytery. 

We are a community of faith located in Historic downtown Acworth.
Our doors are open to one and all with open arms and a joyous heart!
20202 Session
     Karen Prestwood ( Administration & Communication)
Bruce Clements ( Building & Grounds)
     Shari Ditto (Clerk of Session & Christian Fellowship) 
Nancy Holst-Pullen (Mission & Giving) 
     Connie Lollar-Deal (Witness & Outreach)
Ben Hadaway (Worship & Christian Education)
      Randy Deal - Treasurer
Jordanka Ovcharov - Asst. Treasurer 
     Laura Tidwell - Pianist 
Kay Mero - Choir Director  
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