The Acworth Birthday Bash is a local mission designed to have an immediate impact on the children of our Acworth community. The Acworth community includes several short term / temporary housing facilities where individuals and families in transition reside. Primarily located in the Baker Road/Baker Grove area, these communities often remain out of sight and out of mind when we think about our great little city.  There are a large number of children who are being raised in these facilities.  These children often live in single bed “hotel” rooms or small apartments with very little access to good food, neighborhood activities or any recreational facilities. Their playgrounds are the parking lots and their “kitchens” are microwaves by the bathroom sink.  Often without transportation and from broken families, these kids’ interaction with the outside world often only consists of school and their social activities are limited to their surroundings.  You can help us reach out, integrate these kids to our community and offer them a little bit of love in the process.
   Each month the City of Acworth hosts the “Acworth Birthday Bash”.  In partnership with Life Changing Ministries, Ignite Hope Champions for Children and the Acworth Presbyterian Church. We provide transportation, food, activities, and a birthday party and gifts for any of these kids who have a birthday that month. It’s an opportunity to celebrate each child and offer them the love of God and the love of our community.  We hold our events on the fourth Saturday of each month at either the Roberts School, the Community Centeror out in Logan Park when weather permits.
  We would love to offer you a chance to become part of this effort.  Each month we provide a well- rounded meal for approximately 50 kids (and some parents). You can become part of this effort by donating to the “Acworth Birthday Bash” fund through our church. Just put the designation in the memo field of your check.  If your business can provide the meal or sponsor the cost of a meal just once each year we can provide these children of Acworth a brief time of joy in the midst of a tough world.  We can pick up, or you can come to serve and join in the fun.
  If this is something you want to be a part of or if you have any questions, please reach out to us (, 770-329-9308).  We will be happy to come speak with you personally and get the ball rolling.

God Bless You and Our
Acworth Community