Click here for the Bulletin for July 19,2020


PRAY FOR THESE ON OUR PRAYER LIST: Carrie Fleming, Anne Blocker, John Sailors, Beth Rolader, Wes Nidever, Debbie Whorley, Sandra Savola, Carl Law, Leo Cash, Jewel Ivey, Luba Paunova, the family of Kiril Paunova, Don Jenkins, Mike Rolader, Giz Maxwell, Jason Rakestraw, Eleana Garrett, Jesus Arnold, Elizabeth Ovcharov, Leland Moore, Sandra Allen, Randy Deal, Tom Ward, Rob Hadaway, Liam Duncan, Dorothy Dennis, Dot Lawless-Davis and others that may be on your mind.   
And as always, let us remember the importance of our tithes and offering . 
Your tithes and offerings can be mailed to the church:
Acworth Presbyterian Church
4561 Church Street
Acworth Ga 30101